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Instrument Restoration Prices

An instrument restoration is a complete tear down of an instrument that replaces all old materials with brand new equipment as well as fixing anything wrong with the instrument. This massive repair includes:

  • Disassembly of keys including unpinning of mechanisms
  • Ultra-sonically clean body and keys
  • Includes hand polishing on silver plated/solid silver instruments, with light polishing of keys included
  • Dents (where possible) repaired and tenons refit
  • New corks, felts, and high quality pads installed
  • Includes waxed crown, tenon, & neck corks
  • Reassembly, tighten loose keys, leveling tone holes, key cups, and pads
  • Open hole flutes get new grommets



Student-Level Piccolo – $195.00 (includes Lucien deluxe pads)

Pro-Level Piccolo – $350.00 (includes cork or Lucien deluxe pads)

Student-Level Flute – $210.00

Pro-Level Flute – $400.00

New springs as needed @$3.00 each. Open hole flute re-pad add: $55.00.


Student-Level Clarinet – $210.00

Pro-Level Clarinet – $400.00

New springs as needed @ $3.00 each. Ask about our premium pad options — additional charges apply.


Student-Level Oboe – $450.00 (includes Lucien deluxe or Valentino pads)

Pro-Level Oboe – $800.00 (includes cork or White Kid Leather pads)

New springs as needed @ $3.00 each. Crack pinning and tone hole repair extra.

Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone Student – $450.00

Professional – $800.00

Tenor Saxophone

Student – $475.00

Professional – $850.00

Baritone Saxophone

Saxophone Student – $650.00

Professional – $1050.00

New springs as needed @ $3.00 each. Ask about ROO pads and resonator options — additional charges apply.

***Machine polishing of keys are available upon request and at extra expense.***