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Instrument service and repair questions

Q. How often should I have my instrument serviced?

A. Generally, we like to see instruments once a year for general maintenance and tuning, but really it depends on how much the instrument is played on a regular basis.


Q. What’s the turn-around time on service?

A. Obviously all repairs and service can differ in turn-around time. From a quick-fix while you wait, to an intense customized refurbishment, it all depends on the severity and complication of the service. Here at Lighthouse, we handle instruments by appointment so you’ll know exactly when your instrument will be serviced and when you should have it back in top condition. No more dropping it off and having it wait on a shelf until a technician can “get to it”. When we take your instrument at its appointment, it means we are ready to service YOUR instrument specifically.


Q. When’s the best time to get my instrument serviced for quick turnover?

A. March, April, and May are the months with least traffic for music shops. Most people have their instruments serviced in the summer before school starts, creating a large workload and considerably longer turn-around times, not to mention it is generally the time when most schools have their instruments serviced as well. Spring is typically the quietest season for repair and as such you are virtually guaranteed to have your instrument back quickly.


Q. How much does it generally cost?

A. All repairs and services are uniquely different (as is your instrument). Contact us with your specifics, and we’ll be happy to provide a no-strings-attached estimate.