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How To Buy An Instrument

How To Buy A New Instrument

Things to Consider:

  • It is recommended that you stay with the quality brand-name instruments on THIS LIST.
  • Ask about the length of the manufacturer’s warranty and if there is an extended warranty plan supplied by the dealer.
  • Consider the reputation of a dealer. Their ability to provide you with services and honest information regarding products is worth paying a little bit more for your purchases.
  • Price will always be a factor in your decision, but remember that the instrument will cost you more than just the initial purchase price. The instrument will need maintenance. The quality of the product, the dealer’s warranty and the instrument’s resale value will determine your true overall cost. If the instrument is of lower quality, it is our experience that it will require more “wear and tear” maintenance than higher quality instruments, and thus, you as the buyer will be spending more in repairs in the long-run.
  • Internet and catalog purchases may appear a better deal but will cost you more when dealing with repair and warranty issues (shipping costs, lost use time of instrument, etc.). Buyers Beware!

How to buy a used instrument

Stay with the quality brand-name instruments on the supplied list. Beware of purchasing used instruments on the internet as many used instruments may need expensive repairs to put them in playing condition. By the time you receive these instruments and find out they don’t play repair shops already have long waiting times in the fall due to many parents waiting until the end of summer to think about this issue. The best time to receive any maintenance is spring and early summer. If you want to purchase an instrument from the newspaper or internet ask the seller to let you take the instrument to a qualified repairman for evaluation. If the seller is not willing to do this, then you should not buy it. It is reasonable for the seller to ask for a small deposit or some kind of ID as security for letting you do this.

Many music stores have (near new) used instruments in very good condition that are sold with warranties. Most places will also have rent-to-own options for used instruments that are in good shape. These may have maintenance plans included for a small fee.