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For Parents

Your support matters!

Countless studies have been done that show being involved in instrumental music improves both academic and social development. However, as the child’s parent you would know best if they are mature enough to keep up with their studies and learn an instrument.

There are great rewards and a lot of fun in learning an instrument. However, learning an instrument takes commitment. You should have a talk with your son or daughter and explain that they will have to practice their instrument just like they have to do homework. Learning an instrument takes time and you do not achieve immediate success. Therefore, you should make an agreement with your child to commit to a period of at least one school year of giving it an honest try.

As a parent, your support of this new venture is crucial. Your excitement about what your child is doing will be reflected in his or her chances of success.

Make a time each day for them to practice. Listen to them practice and show your approval with each (however small) improvement you notice. Be sure to attend your child’s concerts. Also, invite friends and relatives to hear these concerts. All these things re-enforce your child’s sense of self worth and that you approve of their hard work.

Selecting an Instrument for Your Child

Parents often ask if there is an easier first instrument for their child to start on.

The truth is that every instrument has a certain degree of difficulty in learning the basics of how to hold the instrument and generate the first tones. So, with the exception of physical conditions such as orthodontic issues or size limitations, there is no one instrument that would be better than another.

If your son or daughter is already excited about a particular instrument, our experience is that it would be the best choice as a first instrument for them. Something about the sound, look or feel of that instrument appeals to them and they are already motivated give it a try. Do not make the mistake of forcing your child to play an instrument that you feel would be right for them. Your child’s will to learn plays a big role in their chances of success and they will not be motivated if they have to play something other than their own choice.

To learn more about the various instruments, check out this website. Once you have decided on an instrument you can look into the options you have for acquiring one. Many school programs have school owned instruments that are loaned or rented out (at a very low fee) for the beginning students to use. If this is available, it would be your least expensive way to start your child in instrumental music. If this is not available, you may look into rent-to-own plans such as ours on our rental page as an affordable way to get started.