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Accessories for sale


To keep your instrument in its best working order, we carry only the finest products from the following companies:

  • Original Swab Winds Accessories
  • Jewel Silk Swabs
  • Hodge Silk Swabs
  • RICO Reed Guards
  • HW Pad
  • SaverChop Saver
  • K&G Stands
  • Hercules Stands
  • Mighty Brite Lights
  • RICO Reeds
  • Vandoran Reeds & Accessories
  • Mitchell Lurie Reeds
  • BARI Reeds
  • Legere Reeds
  • Jones & Evans Reeds
  • Yamaha Mouthpieces
  • Francois Louis Ligatures
  • Rovner Ligatures
  • Korg Tuners
  • Oasis Humdifiers
  • Hamiton Stands

And many more! Call or come by today to see what we have in stock! Feel free to try out our mouthpieces and ligatures before you buy them!