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Clients and testimonials

What our clients are saying!

Lighthouse Music Services is celebrating twelve years of providing personal services and quality instruments to professionals and students around the Midwest. Here is what some of our customers are saying about Lighthouse Music Services.

Dr. Jeff O'Flynn

Jeff O’Flynn, University of Cincinnati Doctoral Candidate

“Fred Sullivan at Lighthouse Music Services has worked on my personal clarinets since opening his shop. He always provides the highest quality repairs and overhauls. The musician’s comfort with the service is his focus and he goes above and beyond working with me to tailor each repair to my personal preferences. Fred’s craftsmanship allows me to focus on making music by providing me with clarinets that play effortlessly. Personally, I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of Lighthouse Music. Fred is an honest businessman who knows how to treat customers and has earned my repeat business. I now enthusiastically encourage all my students to go to Lighthouse Music Services.”

Jason Whitmore

Jason Whitmore, Professional Woodwind Musician

“I didn’t recognize my horn the first time I got it back from Lighthouse Music. There was no struggle, no fight, it just flat out played. Fred’s work is unbelievably precise and thorough; he doesn’t miss anything! My horns have never played or sounded better!!”

Tyler Gauldin, Saxophone Freelancer

“Being a traveling musician, I need my gear up to par not only for live venues, but also for studio work. Lighthouse Music was a clear choice after making my Custom Yamaha Tenor sound like when I bought it 10 years ago. Not only was I invited into the shop as they walked through what they were going to do on my horn, but also gave some advice as to how to maintain the work that was being done. Quality care and amazing customer service sums up my experience with Lighthouse Music Services.”

Benjamin Cold, Kansas State University student

“Fred Sullivan is an outstanding saxophone mechanic. There is no other individual I would trust more with┬ámy instruments.”

Shalena Hatfield, flautist and parent

“My experience with Lighthouse Music Services has just been exceptional. Fred Sullivan has a tremendous amount of experience in the musical instrument servicing business. He knows the instruments he has to offer, and he goes out of his way to make sure you are presented with the best options in your price range. Not only did I purchase a new Antigua Winds saxophone for my son, but I also decided to upgrade to a new Trevor James flute personally. In addition, I found that Fred’s prices on sheet music, reeds and instrument accessories are very reasonable compared with other dealers in town.

Fred really knows his saxophones. He gave us a wealth of information about our purchase, and my son couldn’t be happier with his new horn. I have no doubt that we saved a substantial amount of money in buying from Lighthouse Music. I had “sticker shock” as I wandered into some of the other local stores to compare prices on saxes. I have been playing the flute for almost 30 years, and for about the last 25 had been playing a very nice solid silver, open hole, intermediate flute. It was time for a renovation, and I decided that buying a new instrument was the best way to go. I ultimately bought a Trevor James Virtuoso II from Fred – because I trust his quality service, and I truly believe the Trevor James flute projects the best, it is the most balanced flute, it has exceptional key action, and it has superb intonation.

In this price range, the Trevor James Virtuoso II with the E mechanism and C# trill was clearly the best choice for me. To get a better instrument, I believe you would need to spend several hundred dollars more. The flute world is clearly sold on Trevor James. Try one yourself, and I think you’ll be amazed with the sound and the quality. Lighthouse Music is the only store in town that has the license to sell them, and you’re in good hands with Fred!”